March 20th: Spring Fever

Feeling stuck indoors? Wishing spring would come sooner? Look no further! Join us for this Zoo Experience day as we learn about the animals who begin to emerge from their winter slumbers.  There will be coloring, keeper chats, education tables, and a chance to meet one of our animal ambassadors!

The Zoo Is still Open this Winter!

Zoo New York is open Saturdays and Sundays from 11 AM – 3 PM during the months of November through April. 


Before the dawn of modern America, massive bison and elk wandered the land now known as New York State, while lynx prowled in dense forests and giant eagles soared through the sky. Though that landscape and its inhabitants have drastically changed, many of these animals can still be found in one place: Zoo New York.

Spanning 32 acres, the zoo is home to a variety of species native to the Empire State. Some, like black bears and turtles, live in abundance in the wild; while others like the Canada lynx have earned an endangered or threatened status, making conservation efforts essential for their continued survival.

Beyond the ecosystems built around these animals, wildflowers skirt Olmsted Pond, and fluttering specimens fill the Butterfly House. A trail system is designed to carry you through modern rural landscapes while pointing out unique bird and plant species.

Meet The Animals

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